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Lynton Moore

Local Expert
Ophir, CO
Lynton Moore, MA  has been a practitioner and teacher of yoga - on and off the mat - while residing in the Telluride area for over 30 years. Naturally supported by the inherent strength of the San Juan Mountains and Ashtanga being her initial foundation, she has remained dedicated to evolving her practice - for the purpose of self-care and for the benefit of all sentient beings - by integrating yogic teachings from a wide range of teachers, whom have showed up to humble and guide her along the way.

By profession, Lynton is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice who embodies a sense of deep presence and wisdom. She is motivated to assist in healing generational trauma by gently encouraging authenticity to arise through compassion, curiosity and humor. In the last two years, Lynton accepted the opportunity to take refuge in Buddhism with the Dalai Lama during a spiritual sojourn to India in 2019 and also to cultivate the benefits of deep breathing and cold water plunging inspired by the method developed by Wim Hof.